One week in Singapore

HellooooooooHere I am, the traveller, once again finding myself in a most unexpected place ahaha. Where to start ? I don’t think “once upon a time” would work here, even if it is a story all right :).Well, I have just finished my school of media in Perth and jumped in a plane right away ’cause I was missing home. My family (including the cats), summer time, mountains and maybe speaking frenchhhhhhh .. but maybe not in this order 😉
But not before a lay-over in
Singapore ! I think I have deserved some holidays.So on Sunday, I jumped on a plane, only to find myself surrounded by ywamers ahaha we are everywhere ! I didn’t get to sit with them though, but instead, I found myself sitting next to a very nice couple, who, I found out later, was Christian -were Christian ? well not sure how to write that, but aren’t they one anyways ?! ;)- that was very nice.. I think I am going to end up with a series of home in Singapore really !!!
Oh and get that, at the
Perth airport, I was offered 500 bucks if I was willing to give up my seat because the plane was overbooked ahaha . But I couldn’t do it cause my friends were meeting me so end of the story 🙂

Anyways, since Sunday, my days have been very busy really between sleeping -smth that I haven’t done often these past days-, exploring, being stared at by people (white + tall = can’t be more different really), bargaining (hm before you think highly of my bargaining abilities, I confess I got ripped off many times !), and let me not forget that my friends seem to have this weird idea stuck in their mind that I need to eat. No need to say that I strongly disagree, especially after a 6-month-perth diet !!! But never mind what I can think, every day sees me tasting Indian, Arabic, tai, Chinese, Korean food blahhhhhh not that I feel strongly mistreated, but there is an end to all good things really ! ahah

By the way, -and here I get to the real purpose of this email- Singapore is the most astonishing and colorful mix of cultures ever. Little India, Chinatown, Malaysian village, Arab street… I just love wandering the streets and especially getting to those places that the tourists never visit. It seems that every street corner hides a new country, a new people, and a series of surprises. How can all these different people and mentalities live together, it’s a wonder ! And there are SO many of them !!! If you wonder where the government store all this people, well, they build skyscrapers or dig underground lol.

The fact that there are so few westerners make them all the more nice :))) The encounter usually starts with a “What brought you here ?”. And then you hear family or career stories, you have a good laugh and you make friends 🙂

Talking about work, the Singaporean are absolutely mad workers !! They just never rest ! I could never live here (ahaha I think this is the French speaking here !). No wonder the investors like Asia !!!  So many things that could be said… I mean, wherever else can you find a skyscraper sitting next to a colonial house, or a jungle right in the middle of the city ?

And just picture people running everywhere, workers sleeping on the pavement, Muslims completing their ablutions, old Asian people looking like they are part of the landscape, more people running, unending queues, luxurious windows, extravagant looking façades, westerners finding refuge in Starbucks 😉 Oh and add the smells !!! I just love the aroma of the spices and food that invades the air at lunch time !

What really got my heart was the fact to see everywhere so many people worshipping false gods … their eyes were just so dull and lifeless !!! Oh God !

Well this is getting a bit long, actually I could make it longer hehe but I’m gonna spare you for this time ahaha

Let’s just say that I finally got home after a wonderful flight and a half day layover in Paris, I FINALLY got home with this awful and very weird feeling that I could understand everybody and desperately looking for English speaking people lol !

Hey I love you all very very much, it’s so crazy to picture all the places that this email will hit hehe, my family is very wide-spread J


Much joy and blessings for you today 


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