Everyday life



How do I know winter has definitively come ? Well here is my barometer

This is Bianca ♠, the lastest newcomer in our Home ! She is as cute as any she-cat can be, and more. Mom always says she is a little girl, because she is very talkative !!! Just the opposite of my old tomcat -may he not read these words !-, who is the pacifist of the place (perhaps because the only man lol !).

Portrayal :

  • Eats like an ogress

  • Warrior like an Amazon

  • Capricious as…

well I won’t say like a woman, because that would give bread to the men a bit temperamental lol

Seriously, with such a drawing, you might wonder why we keep her with us… I guess it’s just the addition of it all that makes her so very cute !!! I can smell from here some of you thinking “Like master, like pet”… Hmmm in that case, let me just underline that my sister is the happy mistress of this little walking stuntcat 🙂

a bit of culture : “Bianca” means “white” in Italian (very original !). It is also a reference to the mouse of the famous Disney cartoon of the same name (but my cat doesn’t know !)


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