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A few days ago, I heard on the radio that French people learn to speak a very old English at school. In fact, it’s so good that nobody use it anymore !!!  The speaker was saying we would have been able to converse with Charles Dickens ahaha. So much for those who believed they could speak English !

Anyways, if we speak like Dickens’ characters, I wish I could write like him ! But for now, I’ll be content 🙂 -By the way, this is just a parenthesis, but if you get the opportunity to watch the latest version of “Oliver Twist”, do it because you won’t regret it… I really loved how the light and the colors were used to depict the spirit of the story.

SO… I’ve just spent a few days in Paris, visiting some friends, and I thought it was worth joltting some words on paper.

Well, Paris in summer… interesting to say the least ! Let me tell you that besides the touristic places, the city was strangely quiet and desert. Who has ever heard silence in Paris ? Well, I just did, but it’s true that I have landed in a few unusual places…

You see, I wanted to explore the “behind the scenes”… What is hidden behind the majestic mansions in the neighbourhood Le Marais, the small cafés in the famous populated Quartier Latin, the numerous monuments, the queues of tourists at the entrance of the museums, the sculpted bridges tossed on the Seine or the beautiful gardens that ponctuate the city ?

By the way, most people really think a typical Parisian looks like that, but they haven’t updated their information for about a century lol…

So, Paris, here I am ! … Frescos around a street corner in Belleville, series of tagged trucks, magnificent panorama of the city at the top of a hill, public showers for homeless people, faces marked by loneliness, ostentatious ads on the walls, eye bags in the metro, couples in the gardens -I wonder what they wisper- 🙂 … This is also Paris 🙂 and I feel so excited to discover this side of the her 🙂 Oh, and that guy jogging in the train station!!! Unforgettable !!!

As I stroll about the Arabic area, a scooter passes me. It is not an uncommon fact to have them riding on the pavement, so I don’t pay much attention… until a few hundreds yards later, a woman stops me and says she’s just been robbed by a guy on a scooter. Hmm déjà vu ! But I wonder why she seems to be so jubilant. I find out she’s only lost 2 apple donuts and that all her values were in her pocket. Good ! As I pass on, I rebuke myself and make the resolution I’ll pay more attention to my own purse from now on !

But let’s keep walking… Boy, the pigeons are really threatening in this area, one of them almost landed on my face 2 sec. ago and I had to go aside to allow this pilote boy to succeed in its landing ahah. On my right, a narrow street that is made up of stairs… further down, the dusty windows of some old buildings tell me there hasn’t been much life for a while down here.

Talking about creepy-crawly, another animal that is quite a star in Paris is the rat. You don’t believe me ? Well, just have a look at the latest Walt Disney movie “Ratatouille”. It tells the story of a community of rats that are rejected because disgusting, but then, there is Rémy, endearing one that washes his hands befor eating, abhor stealing and… loves cooking. His mission : saving a restaurant that is about to go bankrupt. Hilarious ! The only thing -and it bothers me- is that I don’t feel that rats are as despictable as I used to. 🙂

Note : French people actually used to eat rats, along with snails and frogs. But that was a few centuries ago, when the Britts set a blocakade around us, during one of our numerous war. But of course, today, we no longer do it !!! héhé

Anyways, so far, I haven’t done to bad in the metro. Though it has been conceived to confuse people, if you ask me 🙂 French people are not the best as far as organisation is concerned. That’s why we lost the war 😉

Hm, to get back to the subject… I didn’t really get to see any fashion thing, except in a museum, where a friend and I went to see a show of ballet costumes… each more ludicrous than the others ! If I tell you the name Jean-Paul Gaultier, does that ring any bell ? This guy is talented to make people look like animals or monsters I tell you ! And I really had no idea what was modern ballet anyways ! But it was quite entertaining 🙂

Of course, my description would not be complete if I didn’t talk about THE food. In Paris, you have tours that are organized around the cuisine. For example, you can have here the best hot chocolate in Paris ; there, you have the most famous ice-cream maker who sells more than 75 flavors ; further, you enter the rue des rosiers, well-known Jewish street where people queue for ever to eat a tasty Falafel… Oôô Life is beautiful, isn’t it ? 🙂

And all this under a cloudy sky, which was kind enough not to rain down on me (but I had prayed :))) until 2 min. before bording the train, and then it was a shower !!! no really, if you want to visit Paris, do it in spring, it’s definitively the best time of the year !!! 🙂

Well I’m not sure I said all that I wanted but 🙂 time to go, but I’ll be back…


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