I thought since this was the day of the Lord, we might as well speak about Him 🙂

Here are a few thoughts …

“When you fall in love with God, you fall out of love with everything else”. These are the words pastor Don Luce used when speaking to a huge gathering of young people.

A few days ago, I heard on TV an old lady testifying of her life with Jesus ; she said : “Nothing in life can compare to His presence”. When I heard that, I instantly decided she had to know what she was talking about, since she had a life experience behind her. And I’m going to stick to what matters I tell you ! Because there are soooooooo many things that we could loose ourselves into…

 That’s gonna be me in many years !!! hehe

Today, as I was at the swimming pool, I realized smth important -yeah, god loves speaking in random places, or maybe it was just the sun helping lol-. If God has given me His life, and he has mine, then He takes care of me and what’s gonna happen to m while I take care of His business. I like that exchange !!! I often feel so complicated that I’d rather let sb else deal with me lol.

End of my rambling for the week 🙂


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