THIS IS THE DAY THAT THE LORD HAS MADEpfffffffffffffffffffffff

The day had started slow… VERY slowwwwwwwwwwww. Didn’t sleep enough, my cat has disapeared and… God I’ll talk to you later 🙂

But hey, I guess He did want to talk to me now. Half awake, take my car… shoot I didn’t get dressed the right way again… it’s gonna be sunny. Wait did I say sunny… oh my God, I prayed for the sun yesterday !!! OK God here you get a point…

Ok, by that time, I get downtown now. Park the car, walk toward my office. Oooooh this smell of chocolate bread that fills the air… Now , it’s the pollution that penetrates my lungs yuk… I pass the bridge, the river looks very grey today, sb told me it’s because it reflects the sky. I love that place ! Sometimes, the water is parted by a flood of light,  I just know there is some gold in that river ! Wow, that car looks like it’s in need of being repaired… And what on earth is going on with this man having a conversation by himself ?

Getting in the office, and even though I’m trying everything to hold it back, the day is ready to start. But maybe, just maybe I could write smth on my blog beforehand 🙂

 … back again to tell you my highlight of the day:) I just opened an email, and the object was “God has answered your prayer”.

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