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Good evening friends 🙂

hello, aloha, saluto, buenos dias 🙂

A friend of mine advised me yesterday to put online some French courses. given that the only thing that he was able to come up with were “Bonjour, comment ça va ?” and “Où sont les toilettes ?”, I thought that it could be a benefit, if only for him. No, maybe I’m a little bit too harsh 😉

So Kev, this page is dedicated to you 🙂


(very important ;))

-Bonjour, je suis enchanté de vous rencontrer 🙂 Charmed to meet you !

-Est-ce que vous pourriez parler plus lentement s’il vous plaît ? Could you please speak slowlier ?

– Voulez-vous danser avec moi ? Would you like to dance with me ?

– Vous habitez chez vos parents ? Do you live with your parents ?

– Ce monsieur va tout payer. This gentleman will pay for everything.

– Vous savez cuisinez ? Can you cook ?

– Saperlipopette ! Laissez-moi tranquille ! [French not-very-lovely word] ! Leave me alone !

– Voulez-vous m’épouser ? Would you marry me ?

– A l’aide ! Au feu ! Appelez la police ! Help, fire, call the police !

(Let me know if it works :))

By the way, let me tell you that NOBODY ever say “Mille sabords” anymore, except him maybe 🙂

Here are a few links that you may want to visit :


4 thoughts on “FRENCH FOR SURVIVAL

  1. Hey, you didn’t show us how to say “I forgot my wallet; can you pay for dinner?”
    Next time, try to put some useful information up.
    Mille sabords!

  2. Of course, sorry about that 😉
    -“J’ai oublié mon portefeuille, pouvez-vous régler l’addition ?”
    The response could be :
    -Vous pouvez toujours faire la vaisselle !

  3. hey !!

    Ahah, c’est une leçon que je prends aussi pour moi et mon pauvre anglais… 😉
    je te dis à très bientôt quand même 🙂

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