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“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”

Sooooooooooo this is the beginning of smth that will be BIG, I can see it from here 🙂


In French, book lovers are called “rats de bibliothèque” (library rats). It never occured to me until now that English-speaking people would call these “bookworms” lol. not quite sure which animal I’d rather be :)))

As I was talking with some friends, I got a revelation -as often lol-. I decided that reading is an activity that deserved that one would dedicate a page to it 🙂 So here you go ! The subject is so vast, where do I start ? 

Well, guess I’ll jump on the 1st thing that comes to mind ! Have you ever read a book that you used to love when you were younger, but now, you don’t have the same feelings anymore ? It’s really disappointing, isn’t it ? 😦 I also often read several books at the same time and never forget the feelings that I have about a book. What else ? Well, the book over is very important, a bit like a movie poster I guess 🙂 And for a while, the big tragedy in my life was that adult books don’t have illustrations like kids’. i’d like to talk to the person that invented this rule !!! 😉 

A while ago, I started reading “Wild at heart” (most of my guy friends read it and then proceeded to make all the girls around them read it too ! ). Anyways, I’m always curious to learn how guys are working lol. Though it was interesting, I quickly got fed up with it because you get the main idea after the first chapters.

So gentlemen, you like being a knight, having a quest and conquering the heart of your beauty !!! 🙂 Of course I get excited about that along with you !!! 

But I can’t really relate to a book when examples are taken from movies and only that !! I mean COME ON !!! According to me, that’s the worst place ever to rely on today !!! A friend told me once that he would watch series and then try to apply the dialogues he had heard to real life. Oh my gosh, I think I must have stared at him gaping !

Anyways, I don’t want to be totally harsh and must concede there were a few things that got me in that book. Like the fact that a woman doesn’t like to be the quest of a man but desires to be taken into a quest. And from my side of the things, I can testify 😉 that it is true ! So few people have a purpose, a reason to live on this earth -I’ll add that the only place ever where we can find why on earth we are alive is in God’s presence-. Anyways, the other thing that struck me was that in the US -according to the book-, kids are raised the same way, whether they are guys or girls, and are expected to behave well in class. In other words, “seat still and listen”. Well, it usually proves easier for girls, but it’s hard on the little boys. So these innocent ones are diagnosed to lack conentration and given pills to solve the problem !!! Isn’t that terrible ?

But here I am rambling.. and what about you ? What kind of styles do you enjoy reading ? As far as I am concerned, I mainly love historical novels ; biblical novels are interesting to read too or anything that has a part of truth in it (like testimonies) -although I like legends too !!!- I read a very old novel about the destruction of Jerusalem and it was quite smth to visit the places where it all happened afterwards ! What else do I read ? Poetry when it’s not too abstract, or detective fiction… It’s not that often that one encounters a book that really takes him/her into the story, what do you think ?

Well, don’t ask me if I read a lot of teaching books because I know nothing about them 🙂 Kev, you were saying that you find few books that actually have depth in them… well, at home, my mom is the one that devours this sort of litterature and I’m just content to sit and glean what she got out of it 🙂 Sometimes, it’s even better than actually reading the book !!! 😉 Seriously, I can get so confused to hear about this and that, and so I have decided I’d better let God teach and explain things to me firsthand 🙂 But sometimes, I do feel led to read this work or that one, and then it’s great 🙂

Okay, I feel like it’s enough for today, but more will come 🙂

And PLEASE let me know about the books you read, your opinions about them … 🙂

tHe RaT or ThE wOrM


2 thoughts on ““I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library.”

  1. i lik 2 reed da subtattles on da moves ya that cool but sum time is hard 2 reed and buks is har 2 reed but commick buks

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