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Ok, this has been the big, I mean BIG deal of the last few days. Love… Yes, for some reason, these past weeks, I have heard many stories or people being broken hearted, disappointed in love… Often, what comes out of these conversations is that we long to be loved for who we are, and at the same time, we are very afraid of being rejected for the very same thing. It breaks my heart to see my friends running after a love-relationship in order to fulfill this basic need. I have yet to understand what is the balance between us drawing everything that we need from God and understanding his will to actually fulfill some of these needs through Godly relationships… But I do know one thing, and it is that the purpose and value of an individual is not meant to be found in seeking a partner. But we all dream of the most wonderful love story, the everlasting love… I always shut my ears when some disenchanted friend tells me that love is strong at the dawn of a marriage but then it turns slowly into a routine. All my being bridled (is that how you say ?) against that !!!

Anyways, I get so emotional when I write about that subject that I don’t think I’ll be able to put my feelings and thoughts into the right words. So I’ll just use a few quotations or things that spoke to me, hoping they’ll somehow reflect what our father’s loving will is for us 🙂 

(God speaking) I’m this part of you that so wants to love and be loved for who I am.

Pastor TD Jakes

Stop staying away from my love by keeping your low self-esteem.

Pastor TD Jakes

Don’t be addicted to aphaty, face your disappoinment and decide to love boldly.

Pastor TD Jakes

God is love, it’s His nature, so much that He always needs to go and look for a person to love.

 And if poetry doesn’t speak to you, God also sings His love :

Holy, holy, holy God

Creating, commanding

Transcendent Adonai

Defending love destroying sin

The warrior divine


Forgiving, redeeming

From every tribe and tongue

Arising first the nail-scarred Lamb

Salvation’s champion


Romancing pursuing

Reclaiming to restore

Releasing hearts transforming lives

The lion’s mighty roar

Brian Doerksen


God romancing us, can you imagine that ??? It is beyond my understanding… God, my warrior, my knight fighting for me, wrestling with my heart (as one other song from Christ Tomlin says), conquering my soul… God, a lion and a lamb all in one… yessssssssssss, my God is a passionate and he went to the end, He litterally gave me His life in an everlasting covenant. So what’s left for me in front of such dedication, other than give my own life, my everything to Him ?! 🙂



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