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I’ve noticed that girls are often willing to go the extra mile and watch stuff they don’t like for the sake of their guy-friends, whereas it’s rare that guys try to take any interest in girl things. Hehe – Ok that was my I-want-to-change-the-world moment 😉

Talking about that, I read a good book about the story of Esther, it’s called “One night with the King”, maybe guys will find that a bit girly, although I know it’s had a lot of success with men too.

It’s the story of Esther of course, but there is more to it… The character really seems to come alive in the book. Plus the author made a lot of researches, so the narration’s got plenty of details which makes it enjoyable to read.  So you see a little Jewish girl who becomes an orphan, then grows up hoping to marry a Jewish young guy, before her dreams are shattered as she is taken away to the palace of the king. Her destiny : well, not too many choices ; either she is chosen as the new queen, or she’ll end up spending her life as a royal concubine between 4 walls, in a life of luxury for sure, but with the only hope to be called once in a while by the king.

Simply horrible !!! You can imagine that I felt very concerned by her story. But that was not the part that really got me. Have you ever asked yourself why, out of many beautiful candidates, it was Esther that was chosen ? There must have been smth else than outward beauty for a king that was used to having the most beautiful women for himself… And here we finally get to the heart of the story. Esther, unlike the other candidates, focused on following God even in pagan surroundings ; she strived to know every detail about the King, his personality, in order to train her heart to love him, be able to understand and please him. Instead to take every advantage of the situation, she decided she would give herself and what was most precious to her. Anyways, I thought that was a great image of what our relationship with God should be… us preparing our heart to love him instead of always trying to use him to accomplish our purposes… Hm I hope you convinced by now ?? lol A movie was made out of the novel, but it didn’t quite give the heart of the novel. Here is the website  .


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