I realized that I haven’t said a lot of things about Texas or what I’m doing here, so I think it is high time I did that. Let’s start with these funny quotes that sort of illustrate Texas 🙂

Gracie Hart: My teeth – What are you going to do with my teeth?
Victor Melling: Hopefully, remove the beer stains and steak residue.
 Victor Melling: Your hair should make a statement.
Gracie Hart: As long as it doesn’t say ‘Thank you very much for the Country Music Award’!

 Now, first ladies and gentleman, how about a little bit of history/geography ? Not too much, but just a few facts :()

Texas … First of all, where does that name come from ? Texas comes from the word “teysha” meaning “hello friend” in the language of the Caddo Indian tribes.

The “beef state” (another name for Texas) is the only state in the union which has been under 6 flags (Spain, France, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederacy, and the United States. It is also known as the lone-star state, for it used to be independent for around a decade. That is why, today, the state flag can fly as high as the US flag (It is the only exception in the country).

Texas represents quite a big chunk of the US and one could easily think it is actually the biggest state. That is, until some Alaskan comes and reminds you that Alaska is now at the top of the list 🙂

Texas is also a place like no other to experiment the famous “Southern Hospitality”. People live according to strongly anchored values such as family or “friendship” (the state motto).

 And where am I in all that ? Well, somewhere in the countryside, in the north-east of the country. See Dallas ? Ok, go on the right, then a bit down… a little city called Lindale…You should be able to see me 🙂 hehe. I’m joking, but you know what ? I used to think that, using Google Earth, I’d be able to spot my mom coming out of the house lol. Now that would be scary 🙂

Anyways, I love the place. The base is quite small, but it’s framed by tall majestuous trees, overlooked by huge vertical clouds. People don’t live on each-other though -that’s the least you could say-, because the properties are huge (mostly ranches). Of course, to complete the picture, you need to draw a few arched-leg cowboys, very much the perfect southern gentlemen. The women however are usually tough and strong ladies, and I tell you, they are most likely the best grandmothers in the world. The cookie-type grandma, if you see what I mean 🙂

And oh, at a lower level, you wouldn’t believe the numerous specimens of animals that crawl around. Colonies of ants, gigantic spiders, scorpions… I was not too happy when I found out about that. But now, my pride was at stake, wasn’t it ? You just have to live along with them if you want to survive. For a while, we even had a rat living in our quarters ahaah We ended up getting attached to it and named it Isidore 🙂 But it’s gone now…

Here is an example of how you can contextualize with the small inhabitants of the land 🙂


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