Ok, I was just googling during.. hmm… a gap in my lecture this morning (guilty look), and I happened to land on these pics…

I just tought it’d be funny to post them and ask you what you think or see in them. In case you wonder, there is a purpose behind that question. I’m quite interested in images, graphics and pictures and how much they can carry a message, how efficient they are…

©©  Now here is another question… (Yep asking questions is second nature to me :)) What do you think of modern art



2 thoughts on “RANDOM…

  1. Don’t understand why it would be funny to post them…but as an illustrator I like the images, I think they are a good example of the meeting point between illustration and design, and knowing absolutely nothing about this I’d say it’s a design for a CD cover, probably by a guy who normally sings in a band, but has made a solo album. His music is probably ‘indie’.

    There’s a huge debate around whether illustration is art, but as all artists were originally illustrators who worked for money (at least, once an economy built on monetary exchange was developed) I say it is a branch of art – but it wouldn’t be correct to call this modern art – if anything it’s postmodern, drawing on popular cultural references, as well as artistic ones, and utilising graphic design techniques. The link to the original site would have been nice…

  2. I don’t really get it. I mean, I think it has some sort of theme or purpose, but I can’t figure it out. I can appreciate it for it’s aesthetic qualities, but thats about it.

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