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Aloha 🙂

I know, that’s kinda weird to start with, but you’ll understand that it is easy to “loose one’s latin” (as we say in French; it means that you’re learning so many languages that you end up speaking a weird jargon lol). So yeah, i’m a bit confused between British school English, American, Australian… Not to mention Texan, Californian heuheuheu!

Despite all that, I feel like Alice in Wonderland here. It is such a thrill to write in English!

I just thought I’d give you a taste of what we are doing. This week’s lecture delt with how to write for magazines. In this topic, we learnt the imporatnce of showing a scene rather than telling.

So, because it is common knowledge that you learn better when you put your hand at it, here is a little assignment that we got to do (Maybe you’d like to try as well? If so, please do send me your work 🙂 I’ll be so happy to read you). 

Write a small paragraph about a cow. Be as descriptive as possible.

Rule: You’ve got 5 minutes. don’t worry too much about the style, it’s more like child writing.

When you’re done, here are a few samples of us, green writers 😉

  • Where the lithe, flexible body of a ballerina draws the eye of the observer to its grace, it is the unbending spine of the cow that gives the animal its hulking, ungraceful gait.  Young cows are able to leap lively across the pasture due to a slender body and the energy of all youth, though their leaps are more like the rocking of a tugboat on a tossing sea than the arabesque of a young dancer.  Mature cows, with that resolved, ‘I gave up a long time ago,’ look in their eyes, walk slowly, not daring to push the limits of their ballooned frame.  (Rebecca HALL)

  • I always dread to meet a person with a nose ring because I can never guarantee my reaction. No matter what the person looks like, I instantly have this flash in my mind of a cow with the same nose ring. In an instant, I am transported in the air to a green pasture like the ones we have at home. Whether you’re walking or biking, there is always this ruminant apart from the rest of the herd that stares at you blankly while chewing some … (Me 🙂

  • I couldn’t believe this was happening.  How had I allowed myself to be talked into this?  I stood by the edge of the fence with my friends, shaking my head in disbelief as I stared at the wide, black and white face in front of me.  The cow’s eyes seemed to stare me down as she stood there casually chewing her cud, as if to say, “Go ahead and try to tip me, and we’ll just see what happens.” (Meredith GRAVES)

  • Elsie stood in the middle if a grassy meadow, chewing her cud vigorously as she stared forward, her big chocolate brown eyes unblinking. Her thin knobby legs held up her bulky black and white spotted body. Elsie’s tail twitched nervously as flies buzzed around her. She was a beautiful cow, with long dark eyelashes and a smooth pink nose, pretty and smooth when not dripping with snot. Edward the bull watched her from a distance. (Brooke LUBY)


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