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Where I am at? GOOD QUESTION 🙂

So far, I can tell you that I joined a school of writing. How I landed here is another story 🙂

So, as always, my problem is to know where to start. Well maybe I’ll just tell you  what we’ve been learning. Oh wait, first let’s set up the scene. We are 14 in our class, with only 3 guys. That’s a great change from my former school I tell ya. So far, we’ve covered general rules of writing, writing for magazines, for internet, editing… Our speakers and teachers are mostly professional, which makes it way more interesting to me. Last week, we had this super cool reporter who had been working on big scoops like kidnappings, prison breaks… How cool is that! (Oye I can hear my friend Kari speak on that last one, that’s what happens when you spend 24/7 with the same people lol).


But you guys, the most wonderful thing is that I AM WRITING IN ENGLISH. Isn’t that the most amazing thing ever? I mean, speaking a foreign language is the coolest thing ever, but write in that same language… I’m just in awe at God’s grace and miracle!!!

Ok now, some in depth… I am totally loving my school. We learn so many things !!! One of the 1st thing that deeply got me was that when my school leader said : “Whenever you write about smth, the devil is always gonna attack you in this area. But God will allow this attack so that you turn to him and rely on his promise ; and when He gives you the victory, that gives you power and authority to write in
this area.”

[I guess right now, if I’m honest with where I’m at, well, I’ve prayed for God to increase His presence in me, and around me… coz after all, everything I am doing is worth nothing if God’s not in it…

So well back to my point… Our speakers often give us quotes or images, which is good for me 🙂

-Have I ever mentioned that the things that I’m the most sensitive to are songs, words (and words from God of course) and art? God must know that of course lol

Let me give you an anecdote: a while ago, I was praying outside, sitting on a tractor (it is the only way to avoid the fire ants that crowd the ground) by night. A beautiful full moon adorned (gosh is that a word? I’m not sure, but I like it) the sky. I decided for once I would not crowd my time with God, but I would wait for Him to speak. It was quite uncomfortable to sit on that cold tractor, with that harsh gas smell filling my lungs, believing God could speak and I could hear Him one minute, the next doubting about everything lol. Suddenly, a song started playing into my head… A Walt Disney song … I laughed to myself. How weird was that! But when I got back home, still humming that song, I went online and looked for the words. I was amazed at how it described the setting where I was earlier. And -laugh if you want :)-, but I became so convinced God sang to me in that moment. Here is the song (just picture Bambi courting Feline as snow flakes are falling around them lol):



Looking For Romance (I Bring You A Song)

I bring you a song
And I sing as I go
For I want you to know
That I’m looking for romance

I bring you a song
In the hope that you’ll see
When you’re looking at me
That I’m looking for love

I’m seeking that glow
Only found when you’re young and it’s May
Only found on that wonderful day
When all longing is through

I’m seeking that glow
Only found when a thrill is complete
Only found when two hearts gently beat
To the strength of a walz that’s both tender and new

I bring you a song
For I’m seeking romance

You’re by my side
There’s a moon up above
It shines with a light that’s so mellow and bright
It’s easy to see
That tonight we shall fall in love

I bring you a song
For I’m seeking romance

So anyways back to quotations. Here are a few interesting ones:“Style is mental music” (M. Homes)“In every block of marble I see a statue as plain as though it stood before
me, shaped and perfect in attitude and action. I have only to hew away the
rough walls that imprison the lovely apparition to reveal it to the other
eyes as mine see it.” (Michael Angelo).  

This illustrates that writing is like sculpture, it’s a lot about substracting.

Hab. 2:2: “Write the vision, make it plain, so that one who reads it may run.”
In my notes, I commented: “It doesn’t say make it poetic, make it deep, make it artistic.” lol Ok, to give you the complete pic, I have to say that we have also low days when it’s just hard to follow whatever is going on in class. Fortunately, we are allowed to go online. Here is a description that one of my friends wrote on skype in one of these moments: “so Mere is playing Sudoku, C. is staring at a blank page, Brooke’s on Facebook, I can’t see Kari, Becca’s reading an article”So this is it for now…Of course, if you want to read some things that I’ve written, please let me know and I’ll try to put away any shyness because I do want to know if I am effective in my writting (Tell me what you like and what you don’t 🙂 ). And as far as prayer? Well, you have to know that I do treasure any prayer that you send to God for me 🙂 and if God gives you smth for me, please do tell me! Right now, I do need to learn how to let God freely flow to me (as their are so many traps you can fall into as a writer). I so want to see God show up through my writing! 🙂 and of course, I need prayer for wisdom in the next steps to take. I have a few options before me, but I’m sure God has one best plan, and that’s what I want 🙂

 PS: If you wanna see the school in pic, just have a look at my page “School of writing”: .

-the slacker-




  1. You write very well considering english is not your first language! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and Hab 2.2 is very inspiring it’s a great reminder for writers. Thanks for sharing 🙂 God bless you.

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