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Yeah, this is still the topic of the week for me. We watched the following video in class, and once again, I realized that the love of a Father has nothing to do with what we do. Nothing at all. The love of that father appears the most forcefully after he finishes the race, when he looks into his boy’s smile and feel complete. And it is easy to imagine that the boy must feel so safe, so strong and able to do anything, enfolded in his daddy’s love. I mean, what or who can you fear when sb is ready to do just about anything for you… Watching that video, I realized that this disable boy was me. I’m the little girl who faces life and thinks she doesn’t have the strength to do through the waters; I’m that head full of big dreams that despairs to have what it takes to fulfill even one of them. Until I realize I can be fragile, powerless, even have no control on the race… and still look back to see that the Father is pushing the wheelchair, riding the bike…

He is powerful, muscular, He is the real actor of the race… and He runs to give me the thrill of victory; He wants me to know I’m able and … did I ever think my smile mattered to God?

 Whatever today brings, and it will surely involve more than lectures and homework ;), whether I feel up to it or not, He’ll breathe, move and live through me… and you 🙂


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