This week’s topic is script-writing… Thought it’d be a chance for me to put it all together, because it just didn’t happen in my last school 🙂 But our speaker has a different approach, which is based on story-telling more than technical stuff (yeahhhh).

Once again, I can only be in awe to discover how God is involved in story telling. I feel like a wide-eyed child, gaping in wonder at some new knowledge. You just have no idea! We have been learning to approach the character of a movie the way God sees him. In other words, when you find the spiritual need, the lack that is in his life, then you have the plot of the movie and the heart of the story. A study of story-telling throughout time shows that stories have always had the same kind of shape about them: a character looses his security -or coping mechanism- and goes on a quest to recover it and try to fulfill the void of his life.

When I heard that, my antennas suddenly went up. That just sounded too familiar. I mean, aren’t we all like that, people that have a void in their lives and try to fulfill it with some sort of cope mechanism?

 like to be comfortable in a safe world and will do everything to restore this if it is taken away from them?

Now picture God… The world is the setting of a big story, and we all are heroes of a different plot. We were laughing with my classmate about how many times God must rewrite his story according to what we decide to do. And imagine the number of characters He has to take into account!  

So, once you know that in a story, the hero creates the rest of the cast, that gives food to thought. For example, when you have a character is weak, people around him will be using him in order to enhance his personality… I can’t help to make the parallel with life! Doesn’t  God use people around us to show us what we have inside and to mold us? hmhm… That totally upset my viewpoint on things to tell you the truth 🙂 It’s almost like a challenge!!!

 Just gives me food for thinking… 


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