Why is it that every time my cat does something, everybody says it’s cute, and not me? ;)

 hehe… During my school of writing, we learnt that a writer has to write for his audience, knowing where there is a need and stuff… That’s how I learnt that half of the Americans are single, that teenagers have more and more money and are very demanding. And although I found all of this very interesting, there are definitively things that are worth writing about just because… they make us happy.

Like today for example… I was mopping, and my mom was -as always- following me to evaluate my progress. According to her, I mop in zigzags. Too bad! “Just keep mopping, just keep mopping“. Then, my baby cat made my life difficult as well as she tried to grab my mop. Soooo cute.

Another fact that made it worth waking up today was snow. the past few days, I had prayed because I hadn’t seen it yet this year. But as I was eyeing the sky, it didn’t give me much hope for an answer very soon. Plus usually, there is a smell in the air that foretell it. None of that… but today, in spite of all odds, everything is white!!! Thank you God! This makes me ponder smth. I know God cares about me, listens and answers my prayers. it’s all here, up in my head. But very often, I think what I truly believe is that he gives me when He wants or just helps me do without, and this according to His own whims. And as I look at the snow, I can’t help thinking that somehow, I don’t know this God as well I know.

By the way, and this is my big dilemma of the day, have you ever thought what would happen if God gets a prayer request from some girl like me who wants snow while the farmer next door asks for more sun? Hehe, there must be some kind of big logistic up there 🙂


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