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CAT CARTOON (or how I learn I could speak cat)

I don’t know if this is because I’ve been stuck… I mean I’ve been staying home for a while -yeah this is more fair-, but I’ve recently realized how so often we run after so much vain stuff that we think will make us happy… whereas we overlook or take for granted simple things around us that ARE happiness.

Staying home has allowed me not to wake up every morning with the feeling hanging over me that I have stuff to do. After overcoming the initial shock, there has been much learning about actually taking time to do things. What a discovery! For example, I live a the top… hm this is a little exaggerated ;).. let’s say in a chalet on a mountain. Whenever I want to do some shopping or enjoy the city life, I have to go down to the valley, through a road quite adventurous. In other words, if I am unlucky to land behind a truck, I’m in for the slowest ride ever -no way to pass it anywhere- with for sole view the bot of the monster. This used to drive me nuts when I had a job in the city. Yesterday, I went down to do some shopping with my mom and on the way back -guess what?-, we found ourselves the tale of a master line or cars. Mom and I just kept talking as if nothing was happening, but I could just see the fumes coming out of every driver’s brain (or was it from the vehicles ;). Great…

Another example happened this morning. I woke up and, as usually, drew the curtains in the whole house -love light, can’t help it-, let my cat in. Now this little one -named Bianca- is very very special, you have to take my word for it, I’ve had enough cats in my lifetime :). This said… she came in, and this is where we have a little ritual. Bianca usually swings in, belts along to her food, then after only a few bites, starts miaowing very loudly. This is a signal for me. I know my sociable little kitty needs her share of hugs to start the day. Later, after a good meal, she comes into my room to check on what I’m doing. She usually proceeds to jump on my night table, plays around with my earplugs, until I give her a gentle rebuke or the attention she seeks. Entering her game, I take a highlighter -she loved being scratched with smth hard-. finally, she sits on my lap and we prepare to enjoy eachother’s company. This morning, as she was sound asleep, I attempted to wake her up by making animal noises. Would you believe it? She totally ignored me until I started miaowing. She then turned her ear toward me and suddenly woke up to intently stare at me. I totally felt self-conscious – just like a child- and wondered for a second if I actually had said something. Well, now, prove me that we cannot speak cat hehe 🙂

 After this little tale, I realized it’s high time I introduced my little actress 🙂 So here you go!


Hi, my name is Bianca 🙂 Nice little girl without trouble… apart maybe from a hobby that consists in cutting lezards’ tales :/ I sometimes get in trouble for that, I wonder why ? But generally speaking, people say I’m cute and I can do pretty much what I want he ! -guilty note of the master: hmm yep, I have to say I don’t often show off my authority-.


 I’m not that old you know, but so far I had a good life experience I live in a good home, I can’t complain  really ! My masters are okay, even if sometimes they talk to me as if I was a little dumb -they keep giving me the cheese crust to eat but I keep ignoring it. As you know, education takes time, but eventually they will have to get that I only eat delicacies-. But there are just humans hey !


So, as you may have guessed by now, I was the law in this house. Nothing was too good for me, and I had everybody watch “The Aristocats” every evening because it was my favorite movie… What? If the others were tired of it? Don’t know, never cared. But this was until recently.


ok… tatata This is the heart of the story. One day, I was caught back by my sin. You see, my master often reads the Bible… My eyes accidentally fell on a page and I read these words: “You shall not covet the food of your master”… Further, I read “You shall not kill”. Oye! All these lizards that weighted on my conscience…


I buried myself in the reading of the Bible and got totally convinced. The next step was to ask Jesus to cleanse me and help me make a new start. I know I’ve change because now, I’m willing to share my food with my masters. Monique, their mother, always says that you see the heart of somebody by the way they relate to other people during a meal or when they drive. See 🙂


Well, I’m not perfect of course and there is still much to do, but He washed me whiter than snow, see? I was never that clean, no matter how long I could spend on my grooming.

-Bianca, with C.-

(based on a true story 😉


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