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or at least I thought so… But today, I found myself snuggling close to the fireplace towarm up my stiff body, thick socks on my feet (oye, they are upside down!). Damage repaired… outside the windown, everything looks white and clean and the snow is falling harder and harder with every passing minute, making me wonder if this is finally the snow storm I’ve been praying for all winter. However, the weather lately had prepared me to be in a spring mood -or mode whatever hehe-. So, despite the snow, I’m going to talk about SPRING.


Recently, I had a conversation about winter with a friend. I remember being struck by his description the seasons. « Winter is usually sad, quiet, he said… Everything looks empty, asleep or even dead… One yearns to see a change, and there are none, at least that you can observe. Worst of all, this standstill seems to be lasting forever. But in fact, transformations are happening underground and one day.. all this long process comes to the light and it simply looks beautiful. » Humpf… That’s pretty much me. These past months have felt soooo long. Everything I undertook simply didn’t seem to work. I was stuck and hated not knowing where all this was heading…. Until I realized I was just on the stage, whereas, behind the scenes, was the eye of the director. Somebody stronger and wiser than me, who held times and seasonss in His hands. You know, once you get this (took me 2 months and some 23 years ;), you don’t fight anymore with God, it doesn’t matter anymore if you don’t hold the reins. And it’s not long before you start seeing His work into your life. My favorite part has become to acknowledge that my own wisdom is very VERY limited. I just love asking God : « What do you think of this? How do you see that problem? ». What a beautiful relationship God has offered us 🙂


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