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That’s something that scares me more and more. Living a busy life I mean. But I thought living in the countryside, I would escape it. Or I would be able to manage my time how I wanted. Still, I find myself preoccupied by so many things-good things, because the devil wouldn’t send me bad stuff right? I get tired, my mind absorbed-yes, that’s the word, it absorbs all my energy and brain, by this party with a friend, this school to prepare, the future to plan…

Before I know it, the field of my life is just full of rocks, weeds, and birds are flying all around (you’ve recognized the parable of the sower). God HELLLLLLLLP!!! How do I get out of this circle? How do I live the life God wants me to live? I know He has saved me and planted me in and because of Jesus, I no longer live under the rule of this world. So where was I? HELLLLLLLLLLLP!!! I need a way out! I need not to get involved in so many things! I need to know how to have relationships with people that will honor God. And I definitively need not to do so many things for God that I bypass Him along the way!!! GOD YOU HAVE TO SAVE THE DAY!!!

Here watch this if you think you’re not busy!


4 thoughts on “WE ALL LIVE A BUSY BUSY LIFE…

  1. claudia,

    thank you for that. The youtube video really spoke to me. I think our lives have really become a cycle of unconscious busyness, void of any type of substance. thank you for taking the time to sow into other people’s lives. You are a impact maker in the world!!
    i love you and truly feel privileged to know you.

    your sis in christ,

  2. I’m so glad 🙂 i hate bugging people with blogs and stuff but this was so important. i love you too so much!!! You are really a most wonderful friend 🙂

  3. Claudia- this youtube is right on. it makes me cry out for families and lifestyles that bring zero fulfillment to the hearts of those who live them. it really is so simple. God wants us to simply be with Him. thank you so much for this reminder. i’ve been concerned with feeling like i’m not “achieving” what i should be, but i know that it is just wanting to look “successful/busy” to the world. following what Jesus wants is so much more rewarding. it is true fulfillment.

  4. yeah becca you’re so right. i felt the same way these past days just doing a lot, but there was no order, no harmony and i just felt empty at the end of the day… i just really pray god helps me, us, everybody to get back on tracks 🙂 the devil is just so sneacky!!! grrr

    thks for your message 🙂

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