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It’s been a little while I’ve wanted to write to you about these elections, forgive me for not doing so earlier.

A little while ago, the American people, this colorful melting-pot of various languages and cultures, have elected their president. Once again, one could see what an influence the USA have on the world as every nations had their eyes turned toward the event. It was literally on every tongue, and I was amazed to discover that polls were held on internet to feel the general opinion toward the next american president. Rarely before has a political event caused so much enthusiasm. John Kennedy himself is forgotten. I even frowned in surprise at the radio speaker’s comment that everybody seemed to find himself in Obama. Interesting… My family and I have followed the American elections as much as possible with the information that we get in France, which is not much nor very reliable. But every evening saw us praying for the future of a government and a country which has so much influence in the world. I remember many of you voicing to me their concerns about the candidates or how to make the right choice and select the man who would carry on God’s plans… Well I just wanted to tell you that we prayed along with you; and as I remember your questions, I just felt that whatever man was chosen, the world was really in God’s hands. He did know which man was going to be elected didn’t he? Sometimes, we hate the fact that people say one thing, yet have different motives. People who pay ridiculous amounts of money to make TV spots which stain the reputation of the other. How can we chose or know or trust in that case??? But I think asking God to hold everything in his hands and trusting him for the future is really an answer and enables him to take control of things. I’ve seen him in my life but I know it’s true for way bigger things 🙂 So well, keep being an example and a blessing for the rest of the nations 🙂


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