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Recently, as I was driving my car, I came to a revelation. Have you ever noticed how a car is the perfect place to have a conversation? You get stuck with somebody and that’s where you open up! Well, that day, my conversation was with God.


-I gave you your identity, I heard in my spirit. Because I gave you a name.

Yeah well I know that verse, I thought. “I have called you by name you are mine.” So what?

The voice intensified.

-I told you you are no longer a slave that you should live in fear, but a spirit of adoption I have given you, that you shall call me Abba, Papa.


That’s when I started grasping the intensity of God’s covenant to me. I was alone, abandoned by a father, my life shattered and without as much as a ray of hope. But there He came, the Heavenly Father, to pick me, adopt me.


So what does a father do? I started asking myself. And the words echoed to me.

He gives a part of his life to his child.

God gave a part of Himself, Jesus, for me.


He takes care of the child.

The Lord is my sheperd, I will lack nothing.


He protects the child.

The one who dwells in the refuge of the most high, rest in the shadow of the most high.


He loves.

See what love the Father has given to us, that we should be called His children.




But most importantly, he gives his name to the child.

God has called me by name. He has given me an identity, a value.


A social status too. I am called a child of the most high God, he has sitted me right by Him

and I can proudly lift my head and know I am a princess.





2 thoughts on “DAD, TELL ME WHO I AM?

  1. I wanted to thank you for writing this…while I have not been fully abandoned by my parents, I certainly struggle with my identity and a massive inferiority complex. What you’ve shared between you and God has really touched my heart and helped me in my healing. Bless you!

    1. hi eileen… i was looking at my comments today and i saw yours again 🙂 I have just written another post on the same topic, thought you might be interested in it!

      bless you!

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