On Bible passages · Poetry





Why was I born in the heart of a slum

Hills of waste, horizon of poverty

My only window this patch of blue sky in the morning hours

What would it feel like to find myself in my mother’s arms just once?

All these strangers passing by

One day, they will come for me

What do you want? Don’t hurt me…

Mama will you put your arms around me just once?


Why is the sun so scorching today?

Sweat dampening my heavy uniform

My throat parched like their damn bread

Gotta keep running or they’ll beat me

Sawati! Where is he?

I remember. Yesterday… lost him to the rebels

No time to grieve

Nodoby to watch my back now

Only fleeting memories of a childhood home

In the smoke, a bird song

Tells me the world should be different.


Why’s dad moving?

Mom tell me, what you hiding from me?

It’s all in your eyes

I can only guess

Makes me even more afraid

You tried everything to keep him happy

It was not your fault, not your fault

I did the dishes yesterday, mom did you see?

Who will teach me how to drive now?

Can I keep Snickers?

Dad don’t go, I’ll be a nice girl!


They all live under the same sky

In heaven, a Father hears them

He said he had special angels assigned to them

The words they can’t formulate, he hears

The feelings they have learnt to burry, he knows

The tears they no longer shed, he collects

No matter the street where you were born,

The name you were given

Or if there were arms to shelter you,

There is one loving Father who conceived you

Released you on this earth, present to the world

His love will grow you

His arms will nurture your soul


And only he can claim he can mend broken hearts

So, wherever you are, look up, look at the sky.


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