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One of my friends recently wrote to me:

“We went as a school to the Tate Modern art museum in London yesterday, which was very interesting. I must admit, I left feeling quite unartistic. How someone can call a stack of bricks or a canvas painted gray (with ONE white dot!) art is beyond me. This is why I write, I suppose. ”

Piece of wisdom to which I replied:

“I TOTALLY agreed when i read your description about the modern art museum… I myself went to such a museum when I was but a little girl. I remember staring at a guy who gave us a conference about a white canvas with a red dot in the center… at that moment, I decided that either I could after all become an artist and make a lot of money with but a dust of imagination… or I should divorce with modern art once and for all… which I did straight away and never went in such a place again 🙂


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