On Bible passages

tHe SeAsOn FoR bAtTlE

“He trains my hands for battle; my arms can bend a bow of bronze.”
Psalm 18:34, NIV

Recently, I began to ponder about the different seasons that the people of Israel encountered, from the moment they came out of Egypt, till they settled in their Promised Land.

They first left Egypt, under Moses’ leadership, then walked – wandered, one could say, in the desert. But God used this time to test their faith and teach them to be dependent on Him. Then, came a new leader, Joshua, and with him the time to take possession of the Promised Land. Now, if you read the book of Joshua, you will see that it seems like a long list of battles and conquests.

It is often assumed that, once we are born again, all the work is done. Indeed, we are born again, out of the hands of the enemy, and into the Kingdom of God. However, the apostle Paul tells us to work at our salvation. Once we are saved, God wants us to regain all the territory that the enemy has occupied and stolen in our lives (with repentance, deliverance and healing). But, just like the Hebrews, we are not out there on our own. He is committed to helping us in the task, and says He will train our hands for battle. Being delivered and healed is not something that should be taken for granted. God will walk at our pace. He’ll build our faith, wait for us, strengthen us, then send us.

As Ecclesiastes says, there is a season for everything. A season to come out of Egypt, a season to walk in the desert and depend on the Lord, a season to take up arms and decide we’re going to get back everything God has given us! I believe this is true for the Church as a whole, as we have to get ready for Jesus’ return. And what is the Church, but families and individuals? It struck me whilst reading Joshua how some families and individuals stood out, in the midst of Moses allotting their territory to the different tribes. Caleb, for example, had a claim on a special territory because of God’s promise to him 45 years earlier (Joshua 14:12). There are plenty of stories showing that, whenever people rose and said “I’ll do it!”, or just showed obedience, God’s favour met them. So, each of us needs to ask God what territory He has for us to claim back, what promise He has given to us and obey!

Last but not least, you might think you’re past the age for such adventure! Well, God doesn’t see our age the same way that we or other people do. Caleb was 85 when he received his inheritance. But listen to this; it was given to him and his children “forever” (Joshua 14:9). I love watching God heal, deliver and restore older people, because I’ve understood that He’s doing it with the vision of eternity!

Prayer: Lord, how amazing it is to realize that You want to restore to me all that You have for my life. I’m so encouraged! I want to rise and walk in Your ways Lord and in what You have for me. That’s the best place I could ever be. So Lord, do what You have to do in me, I pray! I know, as I walk with you, You’ll give me Your strength. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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