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EvEr HeArD oF sImOn’S cAt?

If you’re like me and you’ve had at least one cat around all your life, then you must be a pretty good specialist of those little guys by now! I could tell you endless stories about Moket, my new cat (Moket means carpet in French). He is of a wonderful sandy colour, has the softest fur (his mom was a Persian cat) and socializes only when he pleases. Now, if that isn’t a character!!

So far, Moket has made a few important steps in his education; a few months ago, he caught his first fly, supported by my sister who carried him around, as he chased the poor animal against the window. Not a glorious end for the insect!

The second accomplishment has been to watch the miracle of snow falling. Now, despite all my efforts, I was unable to explain my cat where the snow came from or how it could so change the world … He’s still watching and wondering.

Now, before I brag on and on, I’d like to introduce to you a virtual cat, which I believe has been made by an expert on cats. To the extend that I refused to let my cat watch this video, for fear he would become unbearable (yes, he does watch movies with me! and I mean watch!). Now, if you’ve never heard of Simon’s cat, you are in for a treat!

Want some more? Go on YouTube and type “Simon’s cat!)


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