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ClAsS aCtIvItY

Dude, it’s been a while! But I’m back, and with some good stuff in store!

So here it is. The latest exercice I gave my international English class was to deal with oral expression, as well as with common language. Indeed, in France, our school system is known for its ability to turn pupils into little grammar machines rather than speakers.

So this is how it goes. Your pupils are to spy a conversation, record it if possible, if not at least write it down. It can be a phone conversation, or a dialogue at a shopping center, between friends, at a café… the possibilities are endless.

The second step will be to translate the conversation. Of course, given the register, the students will have to work on common ways of speaking, using simple words and phrases rather than … well what they are taught in school (sad to say!).

This experience proved immensely good! I was able to correct the students and teach them actual spoken English; and we had a good laugh as far as the conversations that came out.

Of course, once I gave away the assignment, I had to happen upon a good conversation myself 🙂 This is how it went:)

(The scene takes place at home. Mom’s checking out classified ads on internet to find a lawn mower. J. and C. are playing cards and chatting).

-How do I do to save an ad?
-Hold on, I’ll show you…
-They’re telling me I’ve reached the limit!
-How many did you save?
-Two! Only two!
-Now, it’s telling me there are cookies!
-Oh my word, the wall outside… it’s so dark!
-Your go!
-Didn’t you take one card too many?
-I’m only playing one at a time, it’s disgusting!
-Bah, I’m not going very far either!
-Wait, wait, what did you put down?
-I’ve helped you twice already!
-You’re a jerk!
-3, 4, 5
-You’re catching up, hey!
-What are you writing down here? She’s got that smile on her face… What you plotting?
-Is that for your class?… My kids are going very fast, can’t keep up!
-Hey, tomorrow, we gotta go very early, I’ve got photocopies to make!
-Here is a new ad!
-I’m fed up with mowers!


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