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ThE mIgHtY oNe & ThE wOrm

Here is an excerpt of the book Jacob I Have Loved, by Lance Lambert. I have recently translated this book into French, and been really affected in the process. Affected in a good way… I could quote many parts of this book, but this is one that made me SMILE and WONDER 🙂 Because it’s so accurate. Read it for yourself, and see if you can recognize who the worm is 🙂 And while you’re at it, read the whole book !
There is no need to point out the enormous difference
between ‘‘the Mighty One of Jacob’’ on the one hand and ‘‘thou
worm Jacob’’ on the other. One is Almighty, and the other is
weak and easily crushed and destroyed; one lives in light, and
the other in darkness; one is eternal, and the other one belongs
to dust! We might well ask what possible connection or interest
has the Almighty God with a worm other than the fact that He
created it, and it has a function to perform in its own small
When, however, the full meaning of the remarkable promise
the Lord makes to Jacob begins to dawn on us, we are left
Fear not, thou worm Jacob . . . Behold I will make thee a new
sharp threshing instrument having teeth: thou shalt thresh the
mountains, and beat them small . . .
There could be nothing more different than a worm and a
threshing instrument! Can anything more powerfully illustrate
the love and grace of God? He changes a worm into a sharp,
new threshing instrument, and a Jacob into an Israel! The
Almighty has this kind of power. It is the power of the master
craftsman, the master builder, the master surgeon. It is the
sensitive but nonetheless huge power to save, to redeem, and
to transform a human being. For this reason, the Lord calls
Himself ‘‘the Mighty One of Jacob.’’ This Mighty One who
completed the work in Jacob, will also finish the work He has
begun in us.


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